Rules of Life:

1.Make Peace with your Past
Past is in Past, do not bring Past in Present to ruin Future.
On a positive note, just know that people who came to hurt you were planted by divine to teach you a great lesson. Now its your free will, to be revengeful and go round and round in the same cycle OR thanking their soul that they came forward to make you better and stronger forget and forgive but DON'T LOOK BACK.


  1. You are the reason of your OWN HAPPINESS:

Don’t depend on people for your happiness. Find Happiness within yourself.

We all are acting like a musk deer running for the smell, but its actually under his belly.

  1. No one can ruin your day without your PERMISSION.

Stop giving away power to people and make them puppet masters of your life.

  1. Stop comparing your life with Others:

I feel this is the biggest one and the most valuable rule in today’s situation. Our generation has been lead by social media and day by day people are perishing in depression and lack of self worth while watching others pictures on Facebook and be little themselves. Please do not be!!

As no one knows what these happy go lucky pictures are hiding behind. Step back from FACEBOOK or any social media for some days and trust me your brain will be reset to its default setting after some days.

Now how to get rid of FACEBOOK dependence. Well let me tell you it is not easy at all, but its totally doable and let me tell you HOW!

 Start from removing FACEBOOK APP from your phone this way you will still urge to tap in to that blue ICON every 5-10 min, but when you would not find it you will simply put your phone down.

 If you still would like to check on updates for sure try to log in to a browser, and login for couple of minutes and simply Log out and slowly you will find that your getting free from the SOCIAL MEDIA CAGE  ! Voila ….



Yes, Smile and smile often. We have got Smile for free and use it often. Just know that you do not own all the problems of the world. Smiling does change your energy very quickly and I personally did this experiment on myself. Try it, when you had extremely bad day then look yourself in mirror and look into your eyes ( looking into your own eyes will feel extremely weird, I have to admit it)  and say to yourself EVERYTHING IS OK and SMILE.

Love and Peace to the world -

Priyanka Sanhota

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