Things happening in the WORLD and Why?

Today we are in the times I am sure no one has imagined in their wildest dream ever. Over the years in my life, I have always thought why wars happened. Why people are hungry, why there are so many people living in poverty. I used to put all the blame on GOD.

After my awakening, I started to see things in different light. After experiencing Divine Love, I started to question my intent of putting all the blame on GOD. Then I started to question everything In search of finding answers and trust me what I found was not what I expected. First thing I came to know after researching that in this world there is no shortage of MONEY or FOOD. We are ABUNDANT and SELF SUFFICIENT so much that no one ever can imagine. Sounds so not right in today’s time!!

Then why we have so much chaos in this world. As long as I can remember, was 5 years old I used to watch news with my parents on dinner table the Iraq War and tanks every where and today I am in my 30s. To dig deep, I went to Kabbalah course – Jewish Mysticism there they teach, SATAAN is a force which works opposite to GOD to make people go through hard times – TIKKUN. During the darkest hour of human existence, we call our creator our father our GOD, our Divine for guidance.

Still did not get my answer, that why some people in this world are ruling over another and projecting their perfect trait of Narcissism as they love POWER, MONEY and MISERY with NO COMPASSION for others. Why they do what they do?

As almost all religious scriptures says it- This world is Devil’s Playground, therefore this world has a lot of Chaos and ungodly things such as pain suffering to the meek and If that’s true then are we all blessed being meek that we all are awakened to truth now? 

As I mentioned above, Are we going through TIKKUN right now to rise above? Are we going to be ascended to higher frequencies where we judge no man, where we love each other like our own as Yahushua talked on New Testament. Are We??


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