Agar wood -OUD - Spandha
Agar wood -OUD - Spandha
Agar wood -OUD - Spandha

Agar wood -OUD

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Material: Agarwood Chips

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Agarwood, aloeswood or gharuwood is a fragrant dark resinous wood used in incense, perfume, and small carvings. It is formed in the heartwood of aquilaria trees when they become infected with a type of mold.It is highly used in Arab countries as the main source of fragrance which is commonly called OUD wood used by men and women.People who use Agarwood has reported that they have had ecstatic spiritual experience,and therefore they also call it as Scent of Heaven.They simply burn the the wood to have the perfumed smoke for their clothing even women use them to have fragrant hair.(source:Wiki).

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