DoTerra Essential Oils

My Story with Doterra

About 4 years ago I came across Do-terra through a common friend over a coffee. During this meeting we were casually talking and we started to talk about spiritual awakening, Religion and Essential Oils. Without knowing that they are working with DO-TERRA, I kept talking about how essential oils can be helpful in order to bring people out of stress and how it has helped me through ‘MY PROCESS IN SPIRITUAL AWAKENING”.

Then I got to try some samples of these amazing Do-terra essential oils since this beautiful woman had couple of them in her bag (She is flight attendant - How lucky she get to see the world 😊). She was very kind to let me try the samples, and since that day I never looked back.  I am so amazed by the fact, that how Aromatherapy can help to change Moods and sensations and even behavior. Have you ever experiences when you enter a room which smells really nice and you feel at peace. I know it works like magic.

Even for me Lavender works miracles, when I have had sleepless nights from stressful situations in life along SPIRITUAL AWAKENING-Trust me, NOT FUN AT ALL!!But Do-terra Lavender has saved me always.

I have tried it by rubbing it in my palms (2-3 drops) is more than enough, since DO-terra oils are of high quality and concentrated, and after couple of minutes you will experience the most relaxed sleep you would ever need and even before going to sleep put approximately 5-8 drops of Lavender Essential Oil in your diffusers and that works too ! 

How to Buy :

 Do-terra Essential Oils offers 2 type of buying options. You can buy these amazing high-quality essential oils at RETAIL or WHOLESALE prices through me. You can either purchase just individual bottle of essential oil (No blend), Blend Bottles, wellness kits, Essential oil Ultrasonic Diffusers & many more wellness products.

You can make purchase by clicking here and SHOP and Experience the Divine miracle of healing in your life.

As, my motive to provide high quality product and service to the WORLD. Therefore, Here I am! Bringing DO-Terra to the WORLD.

I wish all visitor and buyers Good Luck !  Stay Well and Make Change to the World and know that every one of us MATTERS 😊!

Peace and Love unto you all…