Namaste, My fellow conscious soul. SPANDHA took came to my mind almost 4 years ago while going through Spiritual Awakening. While growing up as little girl, I always had visions and flashes of stars and galaxies and a very weird knowing and understanding of the world. As a child, I could not comprehend any of this. Slowly I started to forget all about it growing up about the flashes and visions. But, I always had knowing and understanding about people who were around me.

All was going great I was living my life happily not until All of a sudden,  I felt I do not belong here. I started to feel people's emotions and became extremely emphatic and compassionate. Since, awakening is a process, I started getting interested to know more about nature of life.

With all of this going on, I started searching and Seeking by reading books, going to Churches, Mosques, Mandirs. This lead me to study Jewish Mysticism called Kabballah which gave me an understanding of Laws of Universe and how we all are the Vessels of light in this world and how we have to go through "Tikkun" a period of darkness in order to emerge as an extension of  The Creator in essence, To be ONE, the very nature of our being . Going through Spiritual seeking, I have got some knowledge and a deeper understanding of why I am here with a drive to help people which in fact has become my passion now. 

Now by this time, working in an office from 9-5  was not fulfilling me and How can it be? When we get to know who we are and what is our nature, a person would be so driven by Divine love that they finally recognize their true mission through their Gifts given by Divine.

Now you might be thinking what gifts and how are you going to know your mission and your purpose in this world !  You might have noticed pretty much all celebrities and successful people who are able to make some change in the world kept saying " they have recognize your souls gift and passion ",for example some people are good Singers, some are good sports person, Some are good cooks like Gordon Ramsey, because they have made carriers out of their passion which is their spiritual gifts, and when passion becomes work,it does not feel like work, in fact Universe conspires and supports it fully. And,This is how I found my purpose in SPANDHA .

By now, you may want to know why did I chose this brand name SPANDHA. What does this possibly mean?

So here is the answer, I was looking for an ancient name with great meaning, and Sanskrit is the an ancient language. Because of my roots which are deep in the soils and culture of India and I have studied during my schooling ,I kept looking until SPANDHA was suggested by the Universe, and in SANSKRIT it actually means is “Movement of the Cosmos”, How appropriate, It just felt right in my spirit !

I strongly believe that SPANDHA is a gift from Universe in order to reach out to people who are in the process of starting their journey and can’t find anyone and fearful of being judged, please don’t be! Here, no one is going to hurt and judge anyone, as we all are one in essence. Love is our true nature of the soul and we have a challenge to rise up from EGO and we do not have to do it alone.

Soon I am going to start a blog about details of the awakening process including topics like mood swings, sadness and depression etc.. and would love to chat with all the Kind souls.

If anyone would like to share their spiritual experiences,I would love to connect at omash.jewellery@gmail.com

Love and Peace unto you..